Product Features

  • fits 2007 thru 2013 Jeep WRANGLER 2drs and 4drs
  • BRAND NEW IN PACKAGE!! Replace your ugly factory (31 inch) metal shaft antenna with this stylish yet functional LOW PROFILE (13 inch) flexible rubber antenna that will not hit the GARAGE DOOR anymore!!! If you are unsure that it fits, try unscrewing the existing antenna mast off. If it twists right off, then this antenna WILL FIT since it COMES WITH VEHICLE SPECIFIC ADAPTERS (no two antennas are the same fit).
  • How to put it on–Installation is very simple. This is a PLUG-N-PLAY antenna, which means it screws onto your existing antenna mount (a direct bolt-on part, no wiring involved) and takes a minute to do. And the way your car looks after this EuroStyle Antenna is installed is incredible!
  • How is the Reception–Most people wonder about losing reception with this antenna. 99.9% of the time reception stays the same OR improves. Don’t be fooled by even shorter replacement antennas, they may look nice but it has been our experience that anything shorter than 13 inches has little or no reception.
  • Is it worth it–This compact high quality black matte finish rubber antenna cleans up the appearance of the FRONT or REAR of your car and is an extremely durable upgrade from any stock antenna. A great improvement for little money and effort!

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