We cracked the windshield on our 2014 Rubicon and were horrified by the cost of the OEM replacement windshield. So we ordered the cheaper model windshield (without the decals) and simply recreated the decals. Made from black vinyl these are pretty darn close to being the exact size of the originals and they apply to the inside of the glass. Depending on the replacement windshield you purchased the glass “text” could be on either bottom corner, so your purchase includes the corner decal for both sides. We will also include 2 each of the corner decals in case you mess up when applying them. We applied them perfectly the first go around, but those corner decals are small and the dash speaker makes it a little tricky. We found that having a second person standing outside the Jeep really helps to guide the placement of the corner decal. We have seen pictures of these decals applied to a TJ windshield and they look good. It seems all Jeep windshields have that black bar around the edges, so these decals will work on them. We ship First Class Mail and USPS International First Class Mail and try to get orders out the same day they are placed (when possible). Happy Jeeping!

Product Features

  • Similiar to the Factory OEM Windshield Decals
  • Apply on Inside of Your Replacement Windshield
  • Black Vinyl
  • 2 of each corner decal in case you mess up when applying (just like the originals, they are tiny)
  • Created by Jeepers for Jeepers

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